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Discussione: [vu+] Openspa ( in aggiornamento)

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    Predefinito [vu+] Openspa ( in aggiornamento)


    CHANGELOG 6.0.003

    What is new

    - New drivers for VU+ Solo 4K , Edision OS Mini , GI ET-7000 MINI
    - Improvements skin MetrixJR :
    Added screens DLNA Server, OpenMultiboot and DLNA Browser
    Fixed color button in cccaminfo.
    Added event date in OpenSPA simple EPG
    Fixed transparencies around some icons.
    - Add features to plugin MetrixJR
    - Improvements at wifi connections : when you connect to a wifi, your data is saved, so if you use more than one wifi in your receiver, it's not necessary to enter password in each connection. After first connection, you can save data in your HDD to restore in future image updates. You can find backup files in /etc/wifi/name_AP.wifi
    - Improvements in CCcamInfo : now you can access to your cccam.cfg from receiver and read its content.
    - Improvements in OscamInfo : setting Yes in Settings, Read Userdata from oscam.conf , connection will be automatic and now it's no longer necessary to enter data manually.
    - Fixed that flash is not showed in DeviceManager of VU+ Solo 4K receiver (prevent to format flash instead SD, pendrive or HDD)
    - Added some translations.
    - Various fixes in E2.


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    esiste speranza per vu+ uno4k? grazie
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